Believing On Christ

Christ is the mystery of the scripture – grace the mystery of Christ

Believing is the most wonderful thing in the world. Put anything of your own to it, and you spoil it. Christ will not so much as look at it for BELIEVING. When you believe and come to Christ, you must leave behind you, your own righteousness, and bring nothing but your sin (Oh, that is hard!); leave behind all your holiness, santification, duties, humblings, etc; and bring nothing but your wants and miseries, or else Christ is not fit for you, nor you for Christ. Christ will be a pure Redeemer and Mediator, and you must be an undue sinner, or Christ and you will never agree. It is the hardest thing in the world to take Christ alone for righteousness; that is to acknowledge Him – Christ. Join any thing to Him of your own, and you un-Christ Him.

Whatever comes in when you go to God for acceptance, besides Christ, call it anti-Christ; bid it begone; make ONLY Christ’s righteousness triumpant. All besides that is Babylon, which must fall if Christ stand, and you shall rejoice in the day of the fall thereof (Isaiah 14:4). Christ ALONE did tread the winepress, and there was none with Him (Isaiah 63:3). If you join any thing to Christ, Christ will trample upon it in fury and anger and stain His raiment with the blood of it. You think it easy to believe. Was ever your faith tried with an hour of temptation and a thorough sight of sin? Was it ever put to grapple with satan, and the wrath of God lying upon the conscience, when you were in the mouth of hell and the grave? Then did God show you Christ a ransom and a righteousness; then you could say, “Oh! I see grace enough in Christ.” You may say that which is the greatest word in the world, BELIEVE. Untried faith is uncertain faith.


Augustus Toplady

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