Our Advocate

No sin, that is in us, however beset or troubled in prayer, can ascend to the Father, because the Mediator, the Advocate, the interceding High Priest, is between God and us. Hence the charge, “Ask in My name.” Nor can any wrath descend from God to us because of Christ’s intercession: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him.” On this account God has sworn, “I will not be wrath with thee, nor rebuke thee;” that is, not in a vindictive way. Be sure to mind this; for it us through Christ we have access to God, and cannot climb up any other way. Hence Christ is called our resting-place, our refuge, the cleft of the rock, our hiding-place and “He that dwelleth in the resting place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

David says, “I have set My King upon My holy hill; blessed are all they that pur their trust in Him.” Then fix thine eyes, ears, thoughts and heart here, and sure I am that these truths shall fail, and heaven and earth be no more, before the devil shall overcome thee in this way, which is thine obedience to the Father’s command.

The sharpest of the battle is over; faith and hope again ground by every onset, and appear stronger and stronger; and as these wax strong, Satan’s rage will abate, and his darts lose their force. We feel as them dreadful when heart and conscience are stained with guilt; but as faith looks to Jesus, guilt wears away, peace again is felt, hope springs up, and love lies smoking in the ashes, wanting nothing but a clear view of Christ to make it blaze out. The devil has all these things in his way; and these, in process of time, so guard and defend the soul that his filth and curses have little more weight than the noise of an old ballad singer.

Glorious days are before us; the bitterness of death is past; and such a weight of glory will come down as will lay you in the dust. Pray for and encourage each other. God bless you all.

William Huntington

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