“Be Ye Clean…”

Did you know there is a small weasel-like animal called an Ermine or Stoat which lives in remote northern areas of the earth. It is hunted especially for its winter coat of thick, snow-white fur, which it goes to great lengths to keep spotlessly clean.

When the ermine is being hunted, the trapper find the entrance to its burrow and daub it with filth. When the ermine is spotted out in the fields, the dogs are sent after it. The ermine then races, with considerable speed, to its hole but finding it defiled, rather then spoil its coat, will turn and face its attackers. It would rather die than become unclean.

This should be the spirit of all those who fear God.

May I from every sin, as from a serpent fly; Abhor to touch the thing unclean, and rather choose to die.

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