Need Supplied

A well-loved preacher in his secular calling, had an agricultural implement business which he and his father worked. Through difficult times when money was short, a court order was issued against them by one of their suppliers, to be paid by a certain date. They scratched and scraped, went without, but at last the day arrived – they were half-a-crown (12 and a half pence) short of the sum wanted. There was nothing to do but to carry on working; there was not enough to go pay the court. As they took a plough to bits that morning, half-a-crown fell out of a joint and rolled down at the father’s feet – it had evidently been used like a washer by the farmer to make up the needed thickness. “There’s the LORD,” said Dad, “I’ll go and pay up.” He arrived in time, the debt was paid, and the LORD had all the praise. He did, for they both blessed His great and holy name together.

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