Marriage Maxims

1. A good wife is the greatest earthly blessing.

2. It is the mother who moulds the character of her child.

3. Begin and end each day of married life with mutual prayer.

4. Let each strive to yield the oftenest ti the wishes of the other.

5. Never talk at one another either alone or in company.

6. Never reflect on a past action, which was done with a good motive, and with the best judgement at the time.

7. Remember, the nearest approach to domestic felicity on earth is in the mutual cultivation of an absolute unselfishness.

8. Never find fault unless perfectly certain that a fault has been committed: and then find fault lovingly.

9. Never taunt with a past mistake.

10. Neglect the whole world beside rather than one another.

11. Never allow a request to be repeated; recollect, “I forgot” is never an acceptable word.

12. Never part for a day without loving words to think of during absence. It may be that you may never meet again in life.

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