Reality In Religion

It has always been a wonder of wonders to me that the LORD should ever have set His love upon me, a stranger and foreigner indeed, knowing nothing of real religion at all. Yet I often used to feel that there was a real religion, if only I could find it.

When a census was taken while I was at College and the question was asked, “What is your religion?” I was at a point as to what answer I should give. Brought up in the ‘Church of England’, my father had now stopped going and my mother had become a ‘Christian Scientist’; what was I? So I replied to that question: “A SEEKER AFTER TRUTH.” This always seemed remarkable for I had never heard the truth preached and had never met anyone who really believed the Bible until I met my husband. His telling me what he believed made me read the New Testament right through to see if it was really in the Bible, and I was much impressed to find that it was.

I remember two things particularly struck me – the Deity of Christ and the doctrine of election. I had never believed either nor had I thought about them. My husband seemed to feel strongly I was a real seeker but I never feel myself that I was really convinced of sin till about six months after we were married.

We were sitting on the sofa one Sunday afternoon, feeling very happy naturally, when quite suddenly it came before me that one day we should each have to stand alone before a holy God. I has such a solemn view of Him apart from an interest in Christ. It had such an effect upon me that I burst into tears and left the room, went upstairs and I believe for the first time prayed, “God be merciful to me a sinner” – and I felt it.


Mrs. V.G. Wiltshire

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