New Bible Versions Bring Confusion

In one of the small country towns in Devon stands a Baptist chapel almost 200 years old. A recent visit left me with the feeling that on this occasion something was different. It was soon noticed that only two people were using  Bibles, the minister and the visitor, the latter having brought his own copy of the Authorized Version. The church has no regular minister, the services being conducted by preachers from other churches in the district. The reading and the text on this occasion were from some version which seemed to have little resemblance to the one in the visitor’s hands.

After the service, the question was asked why no Bibles were used by the congregation. The answer was very revealing and very sad. The deacons said, “we prefer the Authorized Version but the ministers who come to us use so many different versions that we gave up trying to follow and now we just listen.” What a tragedy, that the Bible had been driven out of that congregation by the indiscriminate use of modern versions! You may ask, Why do not these people insist upon the use of the Authorized Version? Well, to insist on that might mean that most Sundays there would be no minister to preach! What a sad situation!


H. T. Haynes

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