Holiness By The Law?

If thou aim at holiness by the law, remember thou must be perfect in the flesh as well as in spirit. The law is perfect; it will allow of no infirmities, no evil thoughts, no adulterous looks, no anger nor evil tempers, no fire to be kindled on the Sabbath day; not speaking thy own words, nor thinking thy own thoughts on that day; thy neighbor must be loved as thyself; half thy goods must be given to the poor; one coat of the two must go to them that have none… Make the law your only rule of life; read it, keep you eyes upon it, and live by it; and I will pray that I may be kept dead to the law, and alive unto God; that I may be crucified with Christ, and yet live; yet not I, but that Christ may live in me.

If you make the law your rule of life, you are alive to the law, and walk in the law. And, if Christ lives in me, I shall be kept alive unto God, and walk in newness of life.

Go you on with the commandments, and I will go on with the promises.

Make the law your rule of walk, and I will pray God to perform his promise in me, for God hath said, “I will dwell in them, and walk in them.” (2nd Corinthians 6:16)

Thus you go on by the law, and I by the gospel.

Do you perform your duty, and I will plead my privileges.

Act thou as an industrious servant; and, by God’s grace, I will act as an affectionate son.

Be thou obedient to the law, and I will pray for grace for obedience to the faith.

Live thou in the fear of thy master, and I will endeavour to honour my heavenly Father.

William Huntington

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