Why Mistletoe at Christmass?

The hanging of mistletoe during the heathen festival of what is now known as Christmas comes from an ancient legend from Northern Europe.

The “sun god” known as Balder was represented as so attractive, fair, and great that the other “gods” made a promise never to hurt him. They supposedly placed a spell on everything in order to protect him. Arrows, poisons, and swords could not kill him. However, when the “gods” were casting their spells, they forgot the mistletoe. This allowed Loki, the supposed “god of evil” to make a sharp arrow from a mistletoe branch after he found this out so that Balder could be killed. The arrow was put in to the hands of the supposed “blind god” Hoder, and Loki guided Hoder’s hand so that the arrow struck Balder. After Balder was killed, the other gods who initially sought to protect him brought him back to life and the mistletoe made a promise never to hurt anyone again.

This story caused Mistletoe to be used as an emblem of love and has been used ever since by the Roman’s catholic church and her daughters during the christmass to remember the teaching of love, and so they kissed under it, and that is where the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe originated.

One Comment on “Why Mistletoe at Christmass?

  1. Christmass what can one say? If you don’t follow it you’re a scrooge and/or not honoring the birth of Christ. Let’s mix doctrines and pretend Paganism doesn’t exist. We’re either too deep or too much of a hair splitter. To me the Bible tells me nothing about celebrating it but to marvel in the resurrection of that same person. Keeping it simple by following direct command of scripture removes any outside doctrines.

    We all want to be known for bringing truth and for living that truth, so why celebrate in order to make us appear festive or seemingly religious over a manmade holiday? Birthdays and weddings are the only things I find being recognized. Even those if you merely express thanks to God should suffice.

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