Faith is a divine persuasion, a humble confidence, a living fruit, an active grace, a discerning eye, an appropriating hand, and a moving foot. It is born of God; it is a divine substance, not a shadow; a living fruit of the Holy Ghost, not a barren assent; a comfortable assurance of all promised good, and not a deceiving fancy. The just live by it, they overcome the world by it, the saints’ conflicts are called faith’s fight, and their conquests are called faith’s victory.
(William Huntington)

False faith makes lies her refuge; but true faith makes God’s word her shield and buckler.
(William Huntington)

Faith is as busy in the heart as a bee in the hive, and is very fond of flying about, when the Sun of Righteousness arises and shines. The promises are the comb, and the sweetness in them the grace, blessing, and comforts promised therein, and faith squeezes them into the soul, which makes the little book sweeter than honey. The promises are the breasts, and Faith milks first one, and then runs and fetches another, and squeezes that out. This is the milking Zion’s breasts of consolation, till we are delighted with the abundance of His glory.
(William Huntington)

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