Every Word of God is Pure

Every word of God is pure:
Every syllable is sure:
Every precept sound and good;
Every promise sealed with blood.

Every threatening is true:
Every punishment is due:
Every thing that’s said of hell,
Every word of heaven as well.

Every sentence, every line,
Every doctrine is divine:
Every word of comfort true,
Every word of terror too.

But this precious Word of God
Underfoot is daily trod;
Truth is made to be a lie;
Men the Word of God deny.

Some will have it there’s no hell;
They may heaven deny as well;
Some affirm that Christ died for all,
Even those to hell who fall.

Some appear so clean, so good,
That they scorn Christ’s cleansing blood:
Some will bold their faith confess—
Christ is NOT made righteousness.

Truth is fallen in the street,
Swine would tread pearls under-feet:
But each truth stands firm and sure,

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