“My Dearest Mum” – Testimony of Charles Waghorn

A 9-year old boy lay on his sick bed and his Mother (Mum) writes:

He was very pleased to receive letters, so one evening I felt a mind to write to him to encourage him, and told him to try and answer it and tell me how he felt. After keeping me waiting some time, this is the answer I received:

30 Boxley Road, Maidstone
18th January, 1918

My Very Dearest Mum,—

“Defiled I am indeed,
Defiled throughout by sin,
Thy purple fountain, Lord I need
To wash a leper clean.
The fountain open stands,
Yet on its brink I dwell,
Oh, put me in with Thy own hand,
And that will make me well!”

It was kind of you, mum, to write to me on New Year’s Day, and I wish I could answer it before now. I wish the dear Lord will soon make me better, but I must have patience, for He don’t do a thing all at once; but I think if we keep asking Him to heal me, He may do in time, but we know it’s for some purpose no doubt. I’m sure He wouldn’t give me more than I can bear. I feel a little better sometimes than I do other times. Now I must end.

Your loving son, Charlie, with kisses


Charles Waghorn Died March 6, 1918, Aged 9 Years.

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