“Going To Church” – What Is “Church”?


“Church” …what is “Church”?

“What ‘Church’ do you go to?” people ask.

“I love my church” say some.

“Look at the church” say others.

Well what people mean is simply this. An isolated group of professing believers who have separated themselves away from other groups of professing believers in their area by use of their own building, religious traditions and exclusive brand name and NOT AT ALL referring in any way to the REAL local body of Christ in a given area. That, and that alone is the modern day use of the term “Church”.

2 Comments on ““Going To Church” – What Is “Church”?

  1. Ekklesia means called out. No word such as church existed before being translated so the word was made up and became misunderstood. It therefore is a spiritual status which encompasses God’s elect. This is why membership is a false idea. God calls His people and they gather together wherever (cave, garage etc.)

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