On The Lie of Heliocentrism

The Christian is not to compromise so as to obscure the distinction between good and evil, and is to avoid the errors of those dreamers who have a spirit of bitterness and contradiction, who reprove everything and prevent the order of nature.

We will see some who are so deranged, not only in religion but who in all things reveal their monstrous nature, that they will say that the sun does not move, and that it is the earth which shifts and turns.

When we see such minds we must indeed confess that the devil posses them, and that God sets them before us as mirrors, in order to keep us in his fear.
(John Calvin – Sermon on 1st Corinthians 10:19-24 – Calvino Opera Selecta, Corpus Refomatorum – Volume 49 -Page 677)

6 Comments on “On The Lie of Heliocentrism

  1. Regardless of what one’s position is upon whether it is the sun or the Earth that moves, it seems a little harsh of Calvin to label those who believe it is the Earth that moves “deranged”, “monstrous” and possessed of the devil. I respect Calvin a lot as a very godly man, but I think that comment is quite inappropriate.

    • I think that John Calvin’s assertions were made towards certain wicked men who perverted the truth of nature and the Word of God itself. Certainly Christians believe what God declares in His Word and those who oppose it need to be called to repentance. God does not give us a choice as to what we may and may not believe. To deny His Word is to call God a liar, and so it is with many modern day preachers, deceiving the people and teaching things they ought not because they ‘saw a photo on tv’. Let God be true and every man a liar. The earth is not hurling and spinning through space around the sun, let’s leave such teachings for unbelievers and contend for the truth and not compromise. The deception is great, but it is to be expected as we are living in the last days.

  2. Also, I appreciate this site as a source of things written by the Gospel Standard ministers. Some of the best preaching and writing that I know of.

    • Thank you, I share the same sentiments regarding the Gospel Standard ministers especially in the 1800s. I would encourage you to prayerfully consider the new material I have recently added on biblical creation.

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