The “Baptist Bride” Heresy

Landmarkism teaches that baptism can only be performed by the pastors of Landmark Baptist churches (some so-called “Primitive baptists” also hold to this erroneous teaching) and that by being baptized into one of their churches a person secures for himself a higher rank, position, and reward in heaven.

Landmark baptists believe that only those baptized in a Landmark or similar Baptist church are amongst the bride of Christ. Other christians, in the minds of these men, are merely servants in the kingdom and will have a lesser rank among the children of God in eternity.

In other words, they would have us to believe that while Christ is sufficient as our Saviour, we must earn the gifts of eternal glory by what we do.

Though they would deny it, they make baptism a sacrament, “a means of grace”. Such doctrine is fatal.

Christ plus anything equals eternal damnation. Christ alone is our Saviour and our acceptance before God.



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