A Short Study of Luke 17:32

“Remember Lot’s wife!”
(Luke 17:32)

There is not a more instructive history in the Bible than the history of Lot’s family. Lot’s lingering in the doomed city clearly demonstrates that the righteous are scarcely saved. His sons-in-law show us how that the gospel is despised by an unbelieving world. His daughters warn us of the results of our carelessness about the things of Christ upon our families. And his wife is typical of those who profess to be followers of Christ, who yet love the world. She represents all who are convinced, but never converted-those who are persuaded, but never saved-those who flee from the wrath to come, but perish in the way. Lot’s wife shows the deadly sin of loving the world. Now, our Lord holds her up as a beacon to warn all who care for their souls. “Remember Lot’s wife”

1. Remember That Lot’s Wife Enjoyed Many Great Privileges.

In the days of Abraham and Lot true, saving faith was a rare thing, limited to a favored few. There were no Bibles, no churches, no preachers, and no tract societies. But Mrs. Lot was among the chosen family of Abraham. Father Abraham was her uncle. Righteous Lot was her husband. She knew the covenant and promises of God. She worshipped at the same altar with Abraham. She had seen the angels of God, and heard their message. Yet, in spite of all her privileges and associations, she perished!

2. Remember That Lot’s Wife Went Some Distance Toward Being Saved.

Like Felix, she trembled. Like Agrippa, she was almost persuaded. She was aroused by the message of God’s coming wrath. She fled from Sodom with her husband. She sacrificed much, leaving in Sodom two of her daughters, her sons-in-law, any grandchildren, her home, her wealth, her friends, her earthly security, everything for which she lived. She was within sight of Zoar, the place of safety. Yet she perished!

3. Remember The Sin Of Lot’s Wife.

“She looked back.” To us that appears only a small thing. But God looked beyond the act to her heart. Her look betrayed a heart of unbelief. Her look betrayed a heart of proud rebellion and disobedience. Her look betrayed a heart of base ingratitude for God’s mercy. Her look betrayed a heart that loved the world. Her heart was in Sodom, and Sodom was in her heart.

4. Remember The Punishment That God Inflicted Upon Lot’s Wife.

“She became a pillar of salt.” Her punishment was sudden, shameful, hopeless, and eternal. Loving Sodom, with Sodom she perished. She went to hell with the world she loved!

 D. Fortner

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