Dwelling In Unity

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”
(Psalm 133:1)


Brethren dwelling in unity with brethren is a good and pleasant thing.

Believers ought to behold and consider the marvel of that oneness. The goodness of that binding finds its source in God Almighty Who is good. How pleasant to a renewed mind when observing the grace of God that has granted a peace and a unity to a body of redeemed sinners.

Praise is to be given to the Father Who chose a people to dwell in unity, the Son Who bought those elect and unified them in His blood, and the Spirit Who quickened unto Spiritual life and grants by faith a desire to dwell in that unity.

There is much that is good for God’s people that may seem to not be pleasant for the moment, (Psalm 119:70; Hebrews 12:11) but to gaze upon such and be pleasant is a work alone of God’s grace.

By Marvin Stalnaker

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