A Short Study of Revelation 3:19

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous, therefore, and repent;”
(Revelation 3:19)


The persons, the objects of Christ’s love here intended are not angels, but the sons of men; and these not all of them, yet many of them, even all who are His own by His Father’s gift and His own purchase; and who are called His church, and sometimes represented as such who love Him and obey His commands: the instances of His love to them are many; as his suretyship engagements for them, His assumption of their nature, dying in their room and stead, paying their debts, procuring their peace and pardon, bringing in a righteousness for them, purchasing their persons, His intercession for them, preparations in heaven, supplies of grace, and frequent visits in a kind and familiar manner; and as for the nature of His love, it is free and sovereign, everlasting and immutable, and it is matchless and inconceivable, it is strong and affectionate, and as His Father loved Him; and such are rebuked by Christ, not in a way of wrath, but in a tender manner, in order to bring them under a conviction of their sin and of their duty, and of their folly in trusting in, or loving any creature more than Himself, and of all their wrong ways; and they are chastened by Him, not in a vindictive, but in a fatherly way, which is instructive and teaching to them, and for their good.

By John Gill

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