Recovering The Gospel

“A half truth masquerading as the whole truth becomes a complete untruth”

There is a desperate need to recover the Gospel!

The gospel of man’s natural inability to believe, God’s electing grace in Christ being the cause of salvation and, of Christ dying only for the elect, those whom He calls his sheep.

The Gospel of the Holy Spirit calling and regenerating those for whom Christ’s died and, those called will persevere until Christ calls them home to Himself.

The reason we need a recovering of the Gospel is because of the absolute falseness of “today’s gospel” that is being propagated by the majority of so-called preachers. They constantly appeal to men as if they had the ability to receive Christ at any time. They speak of His redeeming work as if He had done no more by dying than to make salvation possible for us to save ourselves by believing. God’s love is presented as no more then a general willingness to receive any that will turn and trust. The Father and the Son are preached, not as sovereignly active in bringing sinners to themselves, but waiting “impotently at the door of man hearts” for someone to let them in.

Why would someone preach such an impotent gospel and impotent god who cannot save without our willingness and co-operation?

I know why!

It is all they know.

O God give us a recovery of the Gospel of the glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ. The Gospel that gives all the glory to the Godhead in the salvation of elect sinners.

By Donald Bell

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