False Preachers

Henry Mahan said so many times that “A man cannot tell what he does not know any more than he can come back from where he has never been”.

He of course was talking about preachers who could not preach man’s utter ruin in sin and inability to change his nature, or God’s absolute right to do what He will in His world, and to save whom He will.

They know nothing about how a sinner is brought to life, because they don’t know that man is “DEAD in trespasses and sins”, or how the Holy Spirit brings sinners to Christ.

It is also true they do not know anything about who Christ died for, they don’t know a sheep from a goat, nor the power of the Blood of Christ to cleanse his people from their sin.

There is but One Gospel. That gospel is the power of God unto salvation, for it reveals the righteousness of God and how He justifies sinners by His son the Lord Jesus Christ through faith in Him.

By Don Bell

One Comment on “False Preachers

  1. This has just hit me between the eyes, and explains why I am continually frustrated that a particular pastor I know cannot preach the gospel.

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