He “Knew No Sin” – “Did No Sin” – Sin Was “Laid Upon Him” – But NONE Was Found In Him

“Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree.”
(1 Peter 2:24)

“Who His own self bare our sins.”


Will He not let me help Him?

No, nor you neither, nor any Arminian in the world.

“His own self.”

He was all alone.

“Of the people there was none with Him.”
(Isaiah 63:3)

“His own self bare our sins.”

Whose? Whose? Can you put in your claim to it?

Do you really believe it was yours?

Do you really believe that the Lord made Him sin for you?

I do, blessed be His name.

I am satisfied of it as I am that I am a creature.

“Our sins” all, the entire weight and burden.

“In His own body.” It is no part of mine to help Him.

“On the tree,” too, the accursed death, a death allotted only to the vilest of criminals and slaves. There hung my precious Christ, the glorious Mediator; there He hung, nailed up, and bearing my sins.

“Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree.”

Think of the Burden-bearer, who He is, what He is!

Think of the burden, all the guilt, all the sin, all the weight, of all the election of grace, from Adam’s day till now!

And then think of the design of God, the eternal salvation of His whole Church!

I know it; He is just that, “the holy child Jesus” the holy, undefiled, sinless, perfect, glorious Lord of glory.

What! He bear my sins! What! the holy Christ of God bear my sins?

Oh! the abominable wickedness of Arminianism, to think of helping Him, to think of doing what He has left undone, to think of putting a stroke to His work.

No, beloved, it was “His own self.”

I want to testify to the last that everything that man puts in is blasphemy. It was “His own self.”

Oh, that glorious, precious self!

But how came He to be capable of bearing my sins?

He could not bear them as God; He could not bear them, nor suffer for them as essential Deity only.

Oh! wonder, ye heavens, and be astonished, O earth, this precious, glorious, Holy One of God, the second Person in the adorable Trinity, became incarnate; the covenant Head became incarnate, for the express purpose of bearing my sins.

I ask you, my hearers, to look at the dearest relative you have upon earth.

Would you become a dog, or any brute, for the purpose of rescuing any dear relative from misery?

I scarcely think there is one among you who would think of such a thing. And yet my glorious Christ did not become a dog, but stooped lower, for a dog never committed the sins I have and became incarnate, “took upon Him the likeness of sinful flesh.”

I pray you pause here a moment. He did not take sinful flesh, though some wicked beings have been daring enough to say so. No; it is the “likeness” of sinful flesh.

“He knew no sin”, “He did no sin”; all sin was “laid upon Him”, but none was found in Him.

I beg of you always to keep up that distinction as long as you live the difference between sin being laid upon Him and sin being found in Him.

If sin had been found in Him in the smallest degree, His sacrifice had never been accepted, His offering had not been worth a straw.

But while all sin was laid upon Him, that is, all the sin of His Church, there was none to be found in Him.

The Father saw none, the Holy Ghost saw none.

“He knew no sin”; and yet this precious, glorious Christ put His shoulder under the yoke to bear all my sins.

Beloved, though I cannot say much about it, my very soul seems to melt at the thought that the huge burden of my sins, which would depress me to the very lowest hell for ever, has been carried away by my glorious Burden-bearer.

By Joseph Irons

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