As believers in the gospel of the free and sovereign grace of God in Christ Jesus, we should every time we pray, pray with expectancy.

We are God’s children by eternal election and faith in Christ, so why WOULDN’T our Heavenly Father hear and answer our prayers?

When we are seeking His will, and the conversion of sinners to Christ, and for the church here to grow in grace, faith and love, and for God to glorify Himself by adding to the church, why shouldn’t we EXPECT it?

Is our Lord’s hand shortened that He cannot save, or His ear heavy that He cannot hear? (Isaiah 55:1).

When the gospel is preached week after week, why shouldn’t we expect sinners to believe it?

It is the truth, it is the gospel that we believe and preach. Men are lost, and only the gospel is the means God uses to convert sinners. So why, every time the gospel is preached, should we not expect sinners to believe and God to honour His Son and His Word?

The hour we are called to live and witness in is urgent!

May our prayers and faith be full of expectancy, for our God is gracious and omnipotent and if He would save us and teach us of His grace, we should EXPECT He would do it for other sinners, for Christ’s sake.

Let us honour our Lord by EXPECTANTLY BELIEVING He will answer our prayers!

By Donald Bell

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