Four False Statements

There are four statements made from the average pulpit, parroted by those who hear them. I ask you to look at what these statements are with an open Bible, will you do that?

Here they are:

The first false statement is…“GOD LOVES YOU”



And finally the fourth is…“GIVE YOUR HEART TO JESUS”

Why are these statements false?

Because they are unscriptural, and should never be preached nor told to men indiscriminately.

Not one of these statements is found in the Bible!

Where then did they come from?

From men!

Not once did any preacher in the Word Of God, not even The Lord Jesus EVER say to people “God loves you, Jesus died for you”.

Let me put it this way. If anyone had told Esau, or Judas Iscariot that God loved them and Christ died for them they would have lied to them!

God hated Esau and Judas was a devil.

In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, the word love is not mentioned once, nor do you find any one of the apostles at any time preaching “God loves you, Jesus died for you”.

Instead of honouring the Love of God and the Death of Christ these statements belittle it and make it of NO VALUE.

It is this pitiful concept of Gods Love and the Death Of Christ that has brought us to such a miserable state as a people. There is no fear of death or judgment, no fear of sin and it’s consequences, because God loves everybody and Christ died for them, so what is there to fear?

God’s love and the death of Christ in the Holy Scriptures is always addressed to a particular class of person. It is addressed to sinners, the elect, to beggars, to weak and heavy laden, to the sheep, even “to many”, but never to all indiscriminately.

Our Lord told the Pharisees; “How shall you escape the damnation of hell?” (Matthew 23:33).

Does that sound like He loved them and died for them?

If the average religionist was preaching to those same people today, they would have said; “Smile, God loves you and Jesus gave his life for you.” But they would also have been lying to them!

It is only when men are taught by the Holy Spirit that they are sinners by birth and practice, that they deserve hell for their sins, they are also under the just condemnation of the Holy and Just God of the Bible, “No man can come unto me except the Father which sent me draw them…and they shall all be taught of God” (John 6:44-45).

It is only a soul that is drawn and taught by the Holy Spirit that can find any assurance in the Love Of God and the death of Christ for them. God’s love is manifested only in Christ and only towards them who Believe on Christ for forgiveness of their sin and justification before God, but the wrath of God abides on everyone who does not believe on God’s dear Son, the Lord Jesus (John 3:35-36).

“Will you accept Jesus?” – This is a common question asked by preachers today, but do you know that the Lord Himself never asked anyone, ever, if they would please accept him?

The thing this generation needs to face is whether the Lord Jesus Christ will accept you!

He is the Creator – you are the creature.

He is Lord of Lords, King of kings and He is the Sovereign of the universe with all power in heaven and earth vested in Him.

Do you really think, for one moment, that He is begging, or that any of His preachers should go begging proud sinners to please “accept Jesus”?

Have you ever heard of a king asking his subjects to accept him?

Find if you can, any apostle, any prophet, any Scripture that would even intimate that the Lord Jesus Christ is presented to sinners to accept or reject!

You can find where sinners are told to repent, to bow the knee, to call on the Lord – but never to accept Him!

The very thought is repugnant!

It belittles the Lord Jesus’ glory and power, and especially His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross.

Do you think for one moment that He died such an ignominious death on the cross and then offers Himself to be accepted or rejected by miserable sinners like you and I?

Now let us consider the last statement – “Give your heart to Jesus”.

Again, where is this found in all of God’s word?

What we do find is, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:22) and that man’s heart is, “hard as a nether millstone” (Job 41:24).

Who can say I have clean hands and a pure heart?

The Bible truth is that we don’t “give” our heart to Jesus – He is the one who must Give us a new heart and a right spirit (Ezekiel 36:26).

Man by nature has a heart that is against God and His Christ. God, for Christ’s sake, gives all those who were chosen in Him before the world began a new heart – the result of this is a people who submit to Him. Because man’s heart is hard and deceitful, he must be born again (John 3:3-8). A man cannot give himself life, only God can do that. In giving the New Birth, He gives a new heart, a right spirit. A new creature is born, one that knows, loves and obeys his Lord, his God, Jesus Christ.

You may not believe what I say. You may ridicule what I say, you may get angry at what I say, but you cannot refute what I say with the scriptures.

Read your bibles – you conclude for yourselves who has all power; is it Christ? Or is it man?

Today’s preaching presents the Lord Jesus as the beggar, pleading with men, instead of man as the beggar, pleading with Christ for mercy.

By Donald Bell

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