What “Baptism” Is The Lord Jesus Referring To In Mark 16:16?

John the Baptist, in Matthew 3:11, said that “I baptize with water, but He that is greater than I shall come after me and shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.”

And then we read that there’s only one baptism. By the Holy Spirit we are baptized into one body. And in Mark 16:16 we find that it says, “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved.”

Does that mean by water or by the Holy Spirit and the baptism that Christ was talking about?

The word baptism means cleansing or washing. And the baptism in the Holy Spirit means that we’ve become born again and that our sins have been washed away through the blood of Christ.

It’s a description of what occurs when we are born again. And every born again believer experiences this. This is what Mark 16 is talking about, those who believe and are baptized, not baptized in water, but baptized in the Holy Spirit, that is, who have had their sins washed away.

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