God’s People – Committed To Christ

We see so little true commitment, so much indifference, and so few dedicated people in today’s religious world that we may be prone to accept this attitude as normal.

But it is not so!

David wrote in Psalm 147:18, “He sendeth out His word and MELTETH THEM.”

Paul wrote in Romans 8:6, “To be carnally minded is death; but to be SPIRITUALLY MINDED is life and peace.”

If God is pleased to move in love and grace upon a person, the very life of Christ is formed in him and UNBELIEF is drive out by God-given faith.

INDIFFERENCE departs at the revelation of God’s glory in the face of Christ.

IGNORANCE vanishes as Christ is revealed in His word of redemption as Just and Justifier.

SELF-PRIDE disappears before His grace and mercy.

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS has not the slightest claim in the light of His perfect obedience.

SELF-LOVE takes an awful beating in the light of His love for us.


It would be IMPOSSIBLE for a true child of His great, invincible grace to be indifferent or uncommitted after the melting of His Word and the revelation of His love.

By Henry Mahan

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