Book Review: “Modern Bible Versions” – By David J. Engelsma

Modern Bible Versions, by David J. Engelsma



This booklet deals ably, concisely and scripturally with an extremely fundamental issue that face the church today.

David Englesma examines the errors that have led to and appear in alternative translations to the King James Authorized Version of the Bible.

He graciously defends our Bible in such a manner that our young friends in particular, who may be tempted to use other versions, or who may be called to defend their use of the King James Version, should find especially helpful.

This booklet is scriptural and concise, using the Word of God as the only sure foundation for doctrine and practice. It is a pleasure wholeheartedly to commend these books to young and old alike.

By Gerald D. Buss

One Comment on “Book Review: “Modern Bible Versions” – By David J. Engelsma

  1. Seeing that moder versions are founded upon corrupt texts, and that ungodly men have put them together, sort of resolves the matter. The daddy of them all was the founder of the modern bible translation movement, one J.N.Darby, who claims, in his Literal Bible, that Joseph was the father of Jesus Christ. This blasphemy was in line with the spirit that Darby was of, he did not even belief in hell, though he did beleive that Jesus Christ sat at the feet of Satan, Satan sitting on the throne of heaven, Jesus Christ not Lord or King, but merely a subject, sitting down in heaven, looking up, naturally, to Satan.

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