Book Review: “God So Loved the World” – By Homer C. Hoeksema

God so loved the World, by Professor Homer C. Hoeksema;



This nicely presented booklet deals ably, concisely and scripturally with one a fundamental issue that the church faces today.

Professor Hoeksema ably exposes and denounces the false doctrine of universal redemption. By comparing scripture with scripture he demonstrates that John 3:16, so often quoted by Arminian teachers to support free will, both wholly supports and is wholly supported by the doctrine of salvation by free grace alone.

This booklet is scriptural and concise, using the Word of God as the only sure foundation for doctrine and practice. It is a pleasure wholeheartedly to commend this booklet to young and old alike.

By Gerald D. Buss

One Comment on “Book Review: “God So Loved the World” – By Homer C. Hoeksema

  1. John 3.16 is simple, though Dispensationalists hate it, Jews hate it, nominal Christianity hate it, for it does not speak of the Jews. When it was spoken it was spoken in the ears of the Jews, who believes salvation was theirs, belonged to them. How upsetting for the Jews to hear that salvation is gone out into the world, theologically, to all the elect. So the above schools had best get things in context.

    The above schools do not believe that a soul can be saved, just like Rome, unless salvation is fortified by a man’s works. Not according to Jesus Christ, who affirms that a man who simply believes, not works, is saved.

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