Book Review: “Eternal Sonship and the Taylor Brethren” – By John Metcalfe

Eternal Sonship and the Taylor Brethren – By John Metcalfe;

Paperback; 38 pages;

Published by and obtainable from The Publishing Trust, Church Road, Tylers Green, Penn, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8LN.


The Gospel Standard has always been jealous for the sacred doctrine of the eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ in His divine nature. It was on this issue that in 1860 the separation took place from all Strict Baptists who denied this truth.

This little book deals with the error of denying the eternal Sonship, an error still held by some Exclusive Brethren today. It shows that a denial of the eternal Sonship is virtually a denial of the Trinity.

James Taylor, senior (leader of one section of the Brethren), takes the names of Father, Son and Holy Spirit merely as names that the divine Persons assume.

Eternal Sonship and the Taylor Brethren exposes the seriousness and implications of the error, which we are sad to find exposing its ugly head once more.

By B.A. Ramsbottom

One Comment on “Book Review: “Eternal Sonship and the Taylor Brethren” – By John Metcalfe

  1. The Exclusive Brethren remain heretical. The founder, J.N.Darby, was a child of the devil. Does no one study their history? J.N.Darby was a mystic, Theosophist, who used the terminology of Christianity to promote his esoteric belielfs. Because of a well oild publicity campaign, Darby is now seen as a through going Christian, even though he was rightly denounced in his day. One outstanding teaching he held to was that Satan was sitting upon the throne of creation, whilst Jesus Christ sat down in heaven, beneath the feet of Satan. This is J.N.Darby for you. J.N.Darby was a papist at heart, though of going with Carndinal Newman to Rome, and that Protestantism was heresy. He loves Roman Catholicism and the vestments, the rituals, he being formerly a High Church man, till he fell out with his superiors, within the period of his having been thrown from his horse, hitting his head against a post.

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