Is It Good For The Family?

What is good for the family?

The possibility of divorce comes up. The husband or wife, even in the church, one comes to the point sometimes when he or she thinks divorce would be good for “ME”.

That is not the only question, the main question ofcourse is what pleases God?

But with regards to our own situation the question must be “is divorce good for the family?”

The question comes up about giving the children, the little children over to the day care centre or to “baby-sitters” so that the mother of young children may pursue a career for herself, but the question is, “is that good for the family?”

The question arises in our society “shouldn’t the husband give up his headship and authority and let that be shared by the wife?”, but the question is “is that good for the family?”

Parents of a large family of children and young people may entertain the thought of having a television in the home, but the question is this among other questions, “is it good for the family?”

Let us teach our children, let us regulate our homes by the Word of God.

Let us also take heed to ourselves, we parents and especially the husband and father. Take heed that we ourselves believe in Jesus Christ with a lively and strong faith. Take heed that in that faith we live close to Jesus Christ. Take heed that living close to Jesus Christ, we ourselves are examples to the children in our home.


By David J. Engelsma

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