I have never cared much for the term “reformed.”

First of all, it is not a prominent Bible word, nor is it ever used to refer to God’s elect.

They are not “reformed” but ― reconciled, redeemed and regenerated.

We were dead and God gave us life.

Neither do I wish to be identified too much with the “reformations” of men. Most of them, though “protesting” the Roman Catholic church, came out with far too many of the rags of Rome still clinging to them.

And, I have found that many who claim to be so, also claim to have been saved under a false gospel and later became “reformed,” coming to the doctrines of grace.

God’s work of grace in the salvation of His people is not a redoing of the old, a removal of faults, or an amending of what already is, but a “new creation.”

The need of men in our day is not reform but rebirth!

Christ said, “Ye must be born again,” born from above through that incorruptible seed of the Word of God.

The term also seems to say “I’ve arrived.” But as Paul, “I count not myself to have apprehended…”

Even as one reborn, I stand in daily need of reformation!

By G. Shepard

3 Comments on “Reformed?

  1. Good one and I have believed this true for along time. What came out or Rome doesn’t need a robe or a fancy title to become a preacher of the Gospel. Being seperate of the world is what Christ compels us to be when we become born from above.

    • Fancy titles, dog collars, robes, etc., are those things that nominal ministers take up to impress others by. Was it not the non-conformists, ejected from out of the Church of England, that fought for plainess of attire and office?

      We should denounce those who come to us with fancy titles, especially when robbed from God, the Right Reverend this and that. Only God is to be addressed as Reverend.

      • Only time I see the word in the NT is in Hebrews 9:10 standing for the coming of the New Covenant in Christ something that was wonderful in the history of Redemption but I don’t think we can underestimate the work done in the 16th century Reformation for the return to Apostolic Christianity and it has very little to do with vestments or names of clergy-my church is arguably the most Reformed in the UK and the minister is Pastor and wears civvy clothes.

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