The Heresy of the Landmark Baptists

Landmarkism teaches that baptism can only be performed by the pastors of Landmark (or some Primitive) Baptist churches and that by being baptized into one of their churches a person secures for himself a higher rank, position, and reward in heaven.

Landmark baptists believe that only those baptized in a Landmark or similar Baptist church are amongst the bride of Christ. Other christians, in the minds of these men, are merely servants in the kingdom and will have a lesser rank among the children of God in eternity.

In other words, they would have us to believe that while Christ is sufficient as our Saviour, we must earn the gifts of eternal glory by what we do.

Though they would deny it, they make baptism a sacrament, “a means of grace”. Such doctrine is fatal.

Christ plus anything equals eternal damnation. Christ alone is our Saviour and our acceptance before God.



12 Comments on “The Heresy of the Landmark Baptists

  1. Nothing short of the spirit of Popery.

    This group of heretics remain one of the harlots of Mother Rome, of which the antichrist has many, many spurious doctrinal daughters.

    You cannot divide up the body of Christ. It is sad when persons move away from the Mediatorial, Mystical, blood bought church of Jesus Christ the Lord.

  2. There is a large fellowship of Landmark Baptist churches called the American Baptist Association, based in Texarkana, AR. They do not at all label themselves as primitive Baptists, although primitives may consider themselves Landmark baptists.

      • I attended one down in the South Bay Area in California (years ago like in the 90’s) and they didn’t believe that way. They used the King James and espoused TULIP along with no celebration of Papist holidays. They did believe in “membership” which I no longer support. Altogether I just worship at home as best as I can. To find a “faithful” assembly I’d rather be home.

        • I believe you when you say the group you met with did not believe this way. Another close brother was also part of a landmark group who believed exactly as you said in your comment but the Baptist bride error was not taught often and when it was brought to light he moved on from them. Having said that, as far as I am/was aware, all Landmark Baptist “churches” believe in the “Baptist Bride” error. They believe that only those who are baptized into a local “Baptist church” are a part of the bride of Christ (I am not entirely sure who they believe in every instance qualifies as a local “Baptist church”) and that only those who are a part of the “Baptist bride” will partake of the marriage supper of the lamb. There are also Primitive Baptist groups that believe in Landmarkism too and they hold to the same beliefs. They do not understand the “one baptism”. They believe in Baptist “church” successionism, meaning if you can’t trace your Baptist “church” all the way back to John the Baptist then you will not be a part of the Bride of Christ. They believe in different ranks in heaven. The highest rank reserved for the “Baptist bride”. That is not the heaven taught by God in the Holy Scriptures. All of God’s children are part of the bride of Christ. All of God’s children are members of Christ’s body, and all are baptized into this body by the Holy Spirit. “For by one Spirit we are baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.” (1st Corinthians 12:13); “I indeed have baptized you with water: but He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.” (Mark 1:8)

    • I believe we live in a time when the sheep have been scattered and most of the flock of God are outside of organized religion. The promise of the Lord Jesus to be in the midst of us when just 2 or 3 are gathered in His name is more real and vital than joining with any denomination of the “church” system. We do well when we separate from compromise and idolatry. It can be a lonely road at times, but the Lord Jesus promised to be with us always. As you say, it’s what it is. Come Lord Jesus!

    • @elwin4
      The point is that they teach TULIP in an obsessive way, along with particular teaches about Bride, Kingdom, baptism origin and so on.
      But they reject Calvin. That can make us more circumspect, to be polite in regard to mental health.
      The repetition and obsession on some points/teaches are signs of a cult.
      Be aware!

      • XLucian I think you know it more than I do for I attended maybe a few times. I no longer maintained that big of an interest due to travel distance and the obvious things like Trail of Blood and their insistence toward being of that succession.

        In all honesty I was becoming more and more convinced the 1st Century produced the purest form of Christianity when the Apostles were present. It didn’t make them all knowing or even correct 100% but when the Apostle Paul was present and Christ Himself the Bible doesn’t contain all the words He spoke as evidenced in scripture so I can only imagine it was for their ears only at that time. Organized fellowships are a bunch of mixed up places where seminaries and decided teachings perpetuate based on preconceived and/or altered doctrines which gives today’s fellowships a form of insulation from everyone else the whole time believing they are right. I am only resting on His mercy for when I thought I sought Him I was filtered by the dogma of a confession written long before me while embracing their teachings I insulated my own sins which God only knows. Books and such can impact one but scripture itself can get buried by them. Hope I am making sense.

        • You are making sense brother. Thankful for your short testimony and rejoice that you have a good understanding. Christ alone, plus nothing, minus nothing, is our only hope. Amen.

  3. There are many “free will” Landmark baptist “churches”. Landmarkism is the teaching that a water ritual performed by a baptist preacher of their kind is the only entry into the bride of Christ and that only “churches” that practice their form and mode of water baptism and can trace their “church” back to the apostles are true baptist churches. They believe the Lord Jesus will marry only these kind of baptist “churches” and those outside of the local baptist “church” are not part of the bride. Landmark baptists are not a specific denomination with a set creed on soteriology, it is the teaching of the baptist bride and baptist “church” successionism. As for the comment on Calvin, they do not believe that Mother Rome was the true “church” that needed reforming, so obviously they are not reformed.

    • They definitely separate themselves from Rome and I think much of Christendom does so I don’t fault them there. I tend to believe Rome itself was/is another example of human intervention to a high degree as with many who espouse modern beliefs coupled with Paganism and humanism.

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