Denominationalism – The Rotten Fruit of Division and Strife!

Nations separate from nations, and they are ofcourse prejudice for the people who live in their nations.

Religion separates from other religions, and they are ofcourse prejudice for the people who are in their religion.

Likewise, among those who profess to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, denomination separates from denomination. It’s called sectarianism, meaning division and strife.

It is not to be so among the people of God!

Paul called them the lust of the flesh, but we call them denominations!

Paul called them a work of the flesh, a sect, a division, a strife, and this is the fruit of denominationalism.

Christians are not to be devided from other christians anywhere in the world. God calls his people “a holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9).

There is no divison in Christ Jesus!

The church is not a man made institution.

There are many religious gatherings which go under the name “church”, which are nothing more than man made institutions and organizations.

Just look at all of the denominations within professing “christendom”. There are “prebyterians”, There are “southern baptists”, there are “landmark baptists”, there are “catholics”, there are “methodists”, there are “pentecostals”, there are “anglicans”, there are “episcopalians”.

We could go on and on naming all of these various denominations and not one of them has any scriptural foundation! NOT ONE!

Denominations are a man made institution.

Is Christ divided?

Are there different divisions and denominations within the body of Christ?

The answer is NO!! There are not!

But there is a church which Christ calls “my church”.

“Upon this rock will I build my church.”
(Matthew 16:18)

This is a church not built by man but by Christ Himself.

And there is a rock that He builds His church upon.

“Upon this rock will I build my church.”
(Matthew 16:18)

And this rock is Christ Himself!

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