True Joy and True Peace – in the Midst of Troubles

Any man or woman who claims continual, uninterrupted joy, rest, and peace in this world is either not telling the truth or has no connection with reality!

True joy, rest, and peace are things we enjoy in Christ IN THE MIDST of troubles, afflictions, and infirmities.

Paul’s exhortation was “rejoice in the Lord.”

When I am conscious of my weakness, failures, and sins, I rejoice in Christ, my righteousness.

When I am concerned about food, clothing, and shelter, I rejoice in Christ my provider.

When I am sick, Christ is my healer.

When I am grieved, Christ is my comfort.

When I am faced with death, Christ is my life!

So it is not necessary to put on a false face and deceive others. We are still human; but our peace, rest, and joy is Christ.

By Henry Mahan

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