Evolution, The World’s Great Fraud

One Comment on “Evolution, The World’s Great Fraud

  1. Excellent and forthright sermon. Well put by the minister that Evolunists are diametrically opposed to God, wilfully and maliciously set out to deny what is evident before them, denying even the light of reason, given to them of God, sealing up their own condemnation.

    Amen. No one can be an Evolutionists, or Theist Evolutionist, and be a Christian, this preacher maintains.

    There is, as rightly pointed out, no science in Evolution, because it cannot be measured by anything known. Chaos does not admit for order, or chaos is not chaos. One cancels out the other.

    Evolution cannot paint all things after a perfect manner. Evolution paints all things blandly. God alone painted different shades of grace and sky, of fish and animals, the rainbow.

    C.H.Spurgeon would not have liked this man.

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