A Short Study of Luke 12:26

“If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest.”
(Luke 12:26)

There were several things that I was worried about. This Scripture made me laugh at myself, and made the stress leave!

It reminded me of two great truths:

(1) I have no control over anything.

(2) He has complete control over everything!

Since that is the case, why worry about anything?

When we worry, our actions say that we do not really believe what we say we do.

Love is as love does. Love is defined by what it does. Love gives. Love wants to please the object of its love. A love that is in word only, but not in deed, is not love at all. This is true with regard to love toward God and love toward men.

Wisdom is more than knowledge, information, and recognized education. A person may have these and still not be wise. Knowledge is the horse; wisdom is the rider who controls the horse and steers him in the right direction.

Wisdom is the proper combination of truth and spirit.

Wisdom is the proper union of faith and conduct.

Wisdom is the discernment of heart and discipline of mouth.

Wisdom is knowing the will of God and yielding to it in spite of frowns or flattery, friends or foes.

Wisdom is THE GIFT OF GOD .

“If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God.”
(James 1:5)

By Henry Mahan

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