God’s Free, Sovereign, Distinguishing Grace

The tendency of this truth is most sanctifying: for a man to feel that God alone hath made him to differ from another that what he has he has received that by the free, distinguishing grace of God, he is what he is, is a truth, when experienced in the heart, is surely of the most holy influence.

How it lays the axe to the root of self!

How it stains the pride of human glory, and hushes the whispers of vain boasting!

It lays the renewed sinner where he ought ever to lie, in the dust; and places the crown, where it alone ought to shine, bright and glorious, upon the head of sovereign mercy.

“Lord, why me? I was far from Thee by wicked works; I was the least of my father’s house, and of all, the most unworthy and unlikely object of Thy love: and yet Thy mercy sought me, Thy grace selected me out of all the rest, and made me a miracle of its omnipotent power. Lord, to what can I refer this, but to Thy mere mercy, Thy sovereign and free grace, entirely apart from all worth and worthiness that Thou didst see in me? Take, therefore, my body, soul, spirit, and let them be, in time and through eternity, a holy temple to Thy glory.”

By Octavius Winslow

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