Book Review: “Premillennialism Exposed” – By John Metcalfe

Premillennialism Exposed – By John Metcalfe;

Paperback; 34 pages.

Published by and obtainable from The Publishing Trust, Church Road, Tylers Green, Penn, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8LN.


A sound refutation of the gross error of premillennialism. This little booklet may, quite rightly have been titled: “dispensationalism exposed”, but keeping the title as is, serves a purpose in also reaching out to those who hold to another unibiblical view of eschatology known as “historicism” as such who hold to this particular view are usually premillennialists themselves.

Mr Metcalfe is precise and to the point on all of the fundamental errors of Premillennialism.

I highly recommend this well presented booklet to all who love the truth and especially to those who are either teaching or believing the unscripural nonsense of premillennialism and dispensationalism.

I found myself in wholehearted agreement with the following quote from Mr Metcalfe when he writes that the dispensationalist finds himself…

“however unintentially, the advocate of a system which tears down the edifice of grace, contradicts the gospel, and tramples underfoot the Son of God in a humiliating millennial reign of confusion.”

This booklet correctly and accurately details the faulty thinking of the dispensationalist on many points including the one thousand years, their erroneous hermeneutic, the so called “secret rapture”, their undermining of the cross of Christ, their future establishing of animal sacrifices (and blasphemously so), the “rebuilt” temple and showing clearly from the Word of God who is the true seed of Abraham.

“Premillennialism Exposed” is still available from the John Metcalfe Publishing Trust in the United Kingdom and I encourage you to read it.

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One Comment on “Book Review: “Premillennialism Exposed” – By John Metcalfe

  1. Hello Test All Things – I like this pamphlet / booklet also, manly for the spirited way Mr Metcalfe defends his views. his logic is mordant, and his defence of the position of Christ – above all things – is excellent. He refers often to the book of Hebrews which is natural as this is the great defence of Christ as “greater than..” (you name it!) My main problem with (as you say) dispensationalism (as opposed to premillenialism per se) is that it seems to be an attempt to defend an inerrantist view of the Bible where all the Bible (OT & NT) seems to be given equal value, so the OT prophecies of Israel’s future glory have to be accounted for in their economy as a future earthly empire. Most of all though it is human reasoning which I see being exalted here – an attempt to “work out” the future as if God is an Enigma puzzle to be cracked much as was done in World War Two with Nazi secret codes. Dispensationalism seems to exalt its system above (the mystery of) God. God has to “fit” this pattern. Why is it that Bible literalists generally have a less than omnipotent God? One thing however that I would have liked to see in Mr Metcalfe’s booklet is an acknowledgment that the Israel of God is composed of saved Gentiles and Jews……..a couple of times in the booklet he refers to new Israel as saved Gentiles. I’m sure he doesn’t see the gospel limited to them but I feel this slight amendment would at least help the booklets reception with groups that might be averse to the argument

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