On Which Day of the Year Was Jesus Really Born?

Not on December 25, because shepherds would not be tending sheep in the field that time of the year.

But the Bible does provide us with some clues. The priest Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, was of the “course of Abia” (Luke 1:5). Of a total of 24 courses, according to I Chronicles 24:10, the course of Abia was the eighth to minister in the temple.

While Zacharias was engaged in his priestly duties, an angel told him that his aged wife, Elisabeth, would bear a son who was to be called John (Luke 1:13).

Luke 1:36 then reveals that when the virgin Mary was told by an angel that she would soon be with child, who would be called the Son of the Most High, her cousin Elisabeth was in the sixth month of her pregnancy. The middle of Elisabeth’s sixth month would have been five-and-a-half months after July 8, which means that Mary began to carry Christ around the end of December.

As the typical normal pregnancy lasts a little more than nine months, Jesus would have been born during or near the first week of October.

2 Comments on “On Which Day of the Year Was Jesus Really Born?

  1. Chris I agree entirely and put on a post from Pink that exposes Xmas as a pagan celebration. With some reasonable assumptions we can conclude that Christ came and tabernacled among us at the feast of tabernacles late Sept/early Oct hence born at Tabernacles, died at Passover and His Spirit poured out at Pentecost the three great obligatory Jewish festivals-God works to a Jewish prophetic timetable!!

  2. I agree with this assessment and I have been trying to educate others on the fact that December 25th is NOT the day of our Lord’s nativity. I am convinced of the following: there were three annual feasts given in the Old Testament – Passover (completed with Christ’s death) – Pentecost (completed with the establishment of the Christian Church (Acts 2) – Tabernacles (completed with Christ’s birth) Also there is no Scriptural command to observe birthdays. Only 2 birthdays are mentioned in Scripture and both ended in death (Pharaoh’s baker and John the Baptist)

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