The Edge of a Coin

Two men were in deep discussion. One was becoming rather angered because the other would not agree. They were talking about when and how things began. The one made out that the world came into being by some great explosion; the other that God created the earth.

“It must have been by a big explosion!” exclaimed the atheist. “If God had made it all, then He must have had a beginning.”

“That is nonsense,” retorted the first. “You cannot prove that!”

At this, the believer delved into his pocket and drew out a coin. He held it between his thumb and next finger.

“Where does the edge of the coin begin?” he asked his contestant.

The atheist pulled up his hand, uncurled his finger, and went to point to the place.

A moment’s pause, and then he quickly withdrew his finger.

“How can you tell?” he enquired. “How can you tell?” repeated the believer.

“You cannot. Yet the edge of the coin is there without beginning or ending; so is God. He has no beginning nor ending. He is, as all His works declare, the only One who could begin life, make light and create the world.”

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