Too Busy?

We seem to live in a period when many are out of work. Some of those who have work are covering the amount of two people and have to do long hours under enormous mental pressure and strain, often finding difficulty in reaching the house of God on time for the weeknight evening service.

When they do arrive, fatigue overcomes them and often they go home wondering the purpose of it, but looking unto the Lord with the cry: “O Lord, Thou knowest.”

How wonderful when they are drawn to Christ during the service and go away feeling refreshed and energised.

How solemn if there are those who say: “We are too busy!” Too busy to go to God’s house, too busy to help God’s people; too busy to visit those less favoured; too busy to care for the souls of those who do not yet know the Lord; too busy to share with others God’s great goodness to them.

Are you too busy?

Too busy to read God’s Word; too busy to seek God’s guidance and instruction in your life; too busy to think about eternity and to seek His salvation?

You will never manage matters on your own. How wonderful if the Holy Spirit is working in your heart in such a way that you find you are busy reading your Bible; busy praying for help and deliverance; too busy to join with those who seek worldly pleasures in which you once delighted.

To the young friend who is too busy enjoying this life’s pleasures, I would ask:

“Are you truly happy and satisfied or do you want more and more?

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.”(I Timothy 6:6)

Sadly there seems to be a great decline of both.

There is one time for which none of us will be able to say we are too busy. The hour of death is fast hastening towards even the youngest of us. We cannot say: “I have not yet done all I want to do.”

Death will wait for no one.

Are you really too busy to consider that awful day?

Too busy to consider where your soul will spend eternity?

When we each appear before the judgment seat and come face to face with the Almighty, He will not accept the excuse: “I was too busy.”

So, I ask again of all readers, young and old, are you too busy?

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