Book Review: Evangelism and the Reformed Faith

Evangelism and the Reformed Faith, by David J. Engelsma;

Booklet; 24 pages;

This booklet exposes false evangelism and shows what true evangelism is – the preaching of the everlasting gospel. Concerning popular, free will “evangelism” we read:

“With this kind of evangelism the Reformed Faith is incompatible; of such evangelism, it is a sworn foe. A Reformed preacher would not dare to engage in evangelism of this kind. He would not, because he fears to stand in the judgment, having preached a message that robs God of His glory in the salvation of sinners.”

Further we read:

“The Reformed Faith…has the gospel to preach. A message of the mere possibility of salvation is no gospel. A message of a Jesus who likes to save, but cannot save, is no gospel.”

The booklet is not negative but clearly shows that only those preaching the doctrines of grace according to Scripture have a gospel to preach.

By B.A. Ramsbottom

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