The Goodness of God Unto Us

The Lord is a sun: He is the Source of all light and life. To live apart from Him is death, but His fellowship is life for us.

And the Lord is a shield: He protects and preserves His people from all the powers of evil that seek their destruction. He does not in this life, remove all evil and affliction from them, but He gives them grace which is sufficient unto every need.

He makes us taste His goodness even in the way of adversity and makes that way subservient to our glory. Never does He withhold any good things from those that walk in His way. God gives us always a full measure of good things. All that God gives us is good. The fact that we are not always able to see that does not alter the case. By faith we embrace this promise and are assured that He makes all things work together for our salvation.

Therefore, when we walk uprightly, no matter what the way of life may be, we are comforted in the knowledge that God is realizing our salvation.”

By Herman Hoeksema

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