God’s Design for Marriage

This is an audio message by Carl Haak titled: “God’s Design for Marriage”

The scripture text that brother Carl is teaching from is Genesis 2:24, and the audio is 22 minutes long.

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One Comment on “God’s Design for Marriage

  1. I tested the words of this audio against the Bible. I found that it doesn’t hold up as truth. There is no sin without law. So it isn’t possible that it is sin for a man to have more than one wife at a time. Also he said that the Bible said a man couldn’t love more than one woman at a time. That can’t be found anywhere in the bible. He uses the words God intended. The Bible says our ways are not God’s so I don’t understand the need to tell us what God intended when he clearly give us his laws. I don’t understand the need for God to speak in plurality about wives. Example. If I said you should own your own car wouldn’t you answer that you own your own car even if you had three cars? Lastly the marriage idea is metaphor for the relationship between Christ and the church. Isaiah 4 clearly shows many churches forming one church. Many women/churches from different places form one body.

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