Herman Hoeksema’s Biblical View of Marriage

It is my conviction that according to the Word of God, divorce can never mean dissolution of the marriage tie.

Even if people are legally divorced, they are, in my opinion according to the Word of God still married.

Only, they are separate married people.

(Herman Hoeksema – Divorce and Remarriage – The Triple Knowledge)

This quote from Herman Hoeksema shows the illogical fallicy of the Westminster’s erroneous and dishonest view of the “innocent party” being allowed to remarry, despite all biblical evidence to the contrary.

If it be true that divorce is the breaking and dissolution of the marriage tie, then it stands to reason that divorced parties can remarry.

Then it is not even necessary or possible to make a distinction between the innocent and the guilty party: both parties can remarry, simply because the marriage tie is dissolved, and both parties are permitted to remarry. They are no longer married people. And if divorced people are no longer married, if the tie is dissolved. it is nonsense to talk about innocent and guilty parties.

After all, if marriage is no more, then why the guilty party can not remarry?

(Herman Hoeksema – Divorce and Remarriage – The Triple Knowledge)

All that The Lord teaches in Matthew 5:32 is emphatically that the marriage tie can never be broken. Not even the cause of fornication or adultery breaks the marriage tie.

(Herman Hoeksema – Divorce and Remarriage – The Triple Knowledge)

2 Comments on “Herman Hoeksema’s Biblical View of Marriage

  1. jesus did teach putting away for the cause of fornication though didnt he ? i agree he did not teach it for adultery but in his day the penalty for adultery was death so the remaining spouse was free to remarry. i never seem to read a commentary which acknowleges this. what if one party leaves against the wishes of the other party and what if the leaving party leaves because they are non believers and wont live with a believer even tho th believer is willing to live with them ?

  2. For the hardeness of “their” heart God allowed divorce. Not all of Israel is Israel and throughout scripture a hardened heart depicts an unsaved individual which is unrepentent. But in the beginning it was not so.

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