Christ Jesus Heals Our Souls

“I said, Lord, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against Thee.”
(Psalm 41:4)

There is a need for healing in all of us, because there is sin in all of us. There are the big, dramatic moments and needs of healing, like when one is first awakened to his sinful condition. Then, there is the daily, hourly need of healing from our struggling souls.

David was wise in that he went to the right place for healing. Since our sins are against God it is to God that we should go for healing. David recognized his transgression, didn’t try to hide it or make excuses. Rather he had this sentiment,

“Lord here it is. You see it and know it. I agree with you that it is sin. No excuses. I want to turn from it. Have mercy.”

According to David’s words in another place, we know that God will not and does not despise this kind of broken spirit (Psalm 51:17).

Lastly, rejoice that there is healing in God!

The sorrowful sinner’s case is not hopeless. The One against whom we have sinned is willing and able to heal His beloved people. In fact, He is the only source of healing. The blood of Christ is the medicine that our souls need. The power of His Spirit is that by which we can overcome day by day.

By Timothy Guess

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