Fighting on the Knees

John Macdonald was an eminent Christian, much given to prayer, and known as, “the man who would fight only on his knees.”

A misunderstanding arose between him and his landlord, who not only threatened to eject him from his croft, but actually laid violent hand on his person.

John Macdonald quietly bore his landlord’s blows, and said good humouredly; “I will not fight you standing, but come and I will try you on my knees.”

Hearing this, the landlord went away in a great rage, conceiving himself to be highly insulted. Meeting another of his tenants, he complained to him of the insult John had offered him by proposing to fight him on his knees.

“He will do it too,” said the tenant; “and I fear you will have the worst of it.”

“How so?” asks the landlord.

“John Macdonald,” he replied, “has much to say with heaven, and he usually gets whatever he asks from the Almighty. It was in this way he proposed to encounter you on his knees, and if he does so, yoou will be sure to lose the day.”

On hearing this, the landlord took fright, never rested till he had asked forgiveness from John Macdonald, and was very kind to him ever after.

By John Kennedy

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