Are You Walking in Darkness? – Go and Tell Jesus!

Are You Walking in Darkness?

As a child of the light walking in darkness — go and tell Jesus.

The path of the believer, though it be the only sunny path in life, is often shaded and dreary. There are spiritual despondencies and mental depressions peculiar to the divine life of a Christian.

If the “Sun of Righteousness” had His periods of obscuration, His temporary eclipse when His whole soul was enshrouded in deep gloom, it is no great marvel that along a similar shaded path His disciples should travel.

The cloud that envelops you may be so dense as to obscure every star, and to extinguish every ray. You cannot see Jesus, you cannot descry a single promise upon which you can rest your soul, not a word of Jesus from which you can extract com­fort or gather hope. All means fail, and every spring of consolation is dried, and you have no evidence of your interest in the Saviour, of your adoption into His family, of your title to glory — and you exclaim: “My God! My Father! Why hast Thou forsaken me?”

But, hush that murmur!

God has not forsaken you. “O Israel! Thou shalt not be forgotten of Me,” is His assuring declaration.

What is your course?

Go and tell Jesus!

If in all the world there is one who can sympathize with this spiritual darkness it is He. Turn you in faith to the full sunshine of this Divine Orb. In Christ’s light you shall see light upon all the hidden riches and glory of the kingdom of God within you.

Sinful though you are, your soul, renewed and inhabited by the Holy Ghost, presents the pencillings and enshrines the gems of a Divine Artist, the beauty, grandeur, and costliness of which are hidden until Jesus shines upon it. It is the light flowing from the Sun of Righteousness that alone can make manifest the work of the Holy Spirit in our souls. This is one mode by which the Spirit “bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God.”

He reveals Jesus to the believer. Opening, as it were, the casement, uplifting the window, He admits the light that streams from a Divine Sun, and the soul thus illumined, unveils the wealth, and sparkles with the glories that are garnered there—the restored image of God, and the precious, costly, imperishable graces of the Holy Ghost.

Go, then, my reader, and tell Jesus the darkness that broods around you, and that conceals all this glory.

Ask Him to arise upon your soul with healing on His wings. One ray darting from that Sun—and how soon will that long, dreary, “night of weeping” be succeeded by the bright “morning of joy.”

“He that followeth Me,” says the Saviour, “shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

By Octavius Winslow

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