“Unto Us” a Son is Given

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…”
(Isaiah 9:6)

Be amazed by these words: “Unto us” The most precious gift that God the Father could possibly grant, was given to us, His people, believers in Jesus Christ, the elect of God.

But, we weren’t always believers.

We are unworthy recipients of this gift. Enemies, rebels, haters of God by nature, dead in sin, and happy consumers of iniquity would be accurate descriptions of the “us” in this verse. Never lose the wonder of “unto us.”

Think for a minute if the eternal Son of God had not been given, if He had not come. There would be no good news of the gospel. Perhaps there would be cures for certain fatal diseases, but there would be no cure for sin. There would be no Immanuel, God with us. Instead of being very near and accessible, God would be far, far distant. The doors to God’s throne room would not be open and welcoming, but would say, “No beggars nor sinners allowed.” There would be no victory over death, no refreshing bread of life, no light of the world, no expectation of eternal life. How rich we are that He did come, that indeed, a Son was given.

Thank God the Father for sending, thank God the Son for coming and doing, thank God the Spirit for revealing all of this to your soul!

By Timothy Guess

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