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How diligently should they scrutinize their motives, who think of entering the ministry; for thousands have abused this Divine institution through love of ease, desire for authority and reputation, or love of money – and brought upon themselves “greater damnation” (James 3:1). Thousands have invaded the pastoral office in an unauthorized manner, to fleece sheep rather than feed them, robbing Christ of His honor and starving His people. Solemn beyond words is… Read More

There is another and a peculiar snare of the world to which the saints of God are exposed; and because many have fallen into it, and not a few have in consequence greatly embittered their happiness, stained their profession and dishonoured God, we would briefly, and in this connection, touch upon it with all tenderness and affection. We allude to the formation of matrimonial alliances between the saints of God and the… Read More

Ask almost any man, “Whether he hopes to be saved eternally?” He will answer in the affirmative. But enquire again, “On what foundation he rests his hope?” Here too many are sadly divided. The Pelagian hopes to get to heaven by a moral life and a good use of his natural powers. The Arminian by a jumble of grace and free-will, human works, and the merits of Christ. The Deist by an… Read More

My dear Friend, Mrs. Peake You have given me, in your kind and affectionate note, so friendly and cordial an invitation, that I cannot feel it in my heart to decline it. I shall have, therefore, much pleasure in staying over the Wednesday, and will make my arrangements accordingly. I have for many years seen much difficulty in maintaining Christian communion with those towards whom we feel spiritual union. It is usually… Read More

My dear Friend, Mr. Godwin I desire to sympathize with you in all your trials and sorrows, which the Lord has laid upon you so very heavy and severe. But I see in them marks of a kind and gracious Father’s love to make you more useful to the Church of God, and establish you more in the truth and blessedness of the Gospel. Whatever men may think or say about you,… Read More

One frightening thing in the day in which we live is that there is so little preaching about the wrath of God and the final penalty for sin in most global congregations. All kinds of salvation messages are being presented with the general theme of God’s love, the idea being that it would be salutary and wise to become identified with the Lord Jesus Christ. These messages imply that by accepting Him,… Read More

“But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.” (1 Corinthians 7:15) that is, to follow him and, press to live with him if he have deserted her. But does he say anything about or sanction her marrying again? Where does he say that desertion dissolves the marriage tie? On the contrary, in the… Read More

In Revelation 16 we read about the assembling for the Battle of Armageddon. Revelation 16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. What kind of a battle is this? Who will fight this battle? Who will be on either side? There are those who speak about this as some kind of a political battle, that is, a battled engaged in by nations of this world,… Read More

My dear friend, John Grace, I am exceedingly obliged to you for your kind present of the fourth volume of the invaluable “Posthumous Letters of William Huntington”, and for your friendly and affectionate letter. I have been reading some of his most sweet and savoury epistles this morning, and find them instructive, edifying, and profitable. They contain the cream and marrow of vital godliness, and real, genuine, heartfelt religion unmixed with that… Read More

My dear friend, Miss Richmond, I am much obliged to you for your kind communication of the closing scenes of our lamented friend’s earthly life. I perceived, when I last saw him, the inroads which his disease had made on his appearance and constitution, and was therefore the less surprised to hear of his decease. He was a man so thoroughly sincere, and indeed so scrupulous to say nothing of himself but… Read More

My dear friend, Thomas Godwin. I believe you will be pleased to hear that, through rich mercy, I have been brought through my labours here much better than I anticipated. I came up with many fears and faintings, but have broken down neither in body nor mind. I found more exertion needed than at Eden Street, but I think what tried me so much at Eden Street was the foul air. I… Read More

My dear Friend, Mr. Grace, I shall be most happy to see you at Stamford in October, but I cannot by any means consent to your being a hearer, for which I will give you three sufficient reasons: 1. The rest will do my body good. 2. I am afraid your being there might shut me up. 3. My people would be much disappointed. I am to them but an old song;… Read More

Dear Friend, I am sorry I cannot accept the invitation contained in your kind and affectionate letter. My will is to labour in the vineyard; but I do not possess the health and strength needful to carry out my will. My chest being weak and tender I can only just manage, with the Lord’s help, to go in and out before my own people. Besides which, the winter season is fast advancing,… Read More

My dear Friend, Mr. Grace, I received quite safely both your kind letter and the book. I have not had much time as yet to read the latter, but like what I have seen of it. It is wrong to use such a term, but it has almost amused me from its pithy quaintness and dry expressions. It much resembles a book you are probably unacquainted with, a great favourite with Dr…. Read More

My dear friend, Miss Richmond, I am much obliged to you for your kind and sympathizing letter, and the invitation therein contained. I am much pleased to learn that the Lord has graciously turned your captivity. It much resembles a manifestation which I was once favoured with, when the Lord Jesus was so presented before the eyes of my enlightened understanding, and I had such a view by faith of the two… Read More