It Is In The Cross

“And when they had bound Him, they led Him away, and delivered Him to Pontius Pilate the governor.”
(Matthew 27:2)

Things were going quite agreeably for the enemies of our Lord. They had conjured up a charge of blasphemy against Him. False witnesses had spoken against Him. Now, they bound Him and led Him away to the Roman governor. It looked as if the end of Jesus of Nazareth was near.

But, these enemies were greatly mistaken!

How wrong they were in thinking they could get rid of Christ.

What evil happiness must have filled their dark hearts as they mocked Him while He was dying on the cross!

Success, they thought, has finally been achieved. We can rejoice today that they were so wrong. Far from being the end of Jesus, the cross was a great triumph for Him and for His people.

It is in the cross that we have victory over the powers of darkness.

It is in the cross that we stand forgiven before a just God.

It is in the benefits of the cross applied to us that we have faith and trust in our Lord.

It is in benefits of the cross that sinners are brought to their knees in humble repentance.

It is in the power of the cross that we can live boldly for our Lord each day, and fight the sins of depravity.

It is because of the cross that we can look beyond the grave, and confidently anticipate eternal bliss.

How wrong they were!

How sweet is the triumph of victory in Jesus!

By Timothy Guess

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